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"Improving your equestrian experience"

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About​ Me

Jo-elle Jorissen

I am that crazy horse girl!

Just into everything horses!

Willing to go the extra mile to optimise your equestrian experience!

I was born in 1997 at a farm in The Netherlands. Infected with the horse virus once stranded on this earth by my dear parents, who are also into the horse business. Then after going through various stages of becoming an adult, which will be an ever ongoing process in my case, I decided that an ordinary office job is not for me. I want my life to be exciting, doing the things I love, enjoying every bit and piece of it! Including everything horses!

Sales & Training

of Sporthorses

Are you in need of a professional who has a broad spectrum of contacts and skills to sell and train your horse(s)?

Perhaps I could help you in this quest.


All-in Equestrian

Plan-based Coaching

Finding it hard to stick to your plan whilst training your horse?

I am here to help you stay on track!

I also provide Workshops & Clinics starting from a minimum of 12 people.

Horseriding lessons

I am a certified KNHS ORUN-4 instructor. Providing you with a professional in-depth equine skill-set to enhance your equestrian experience!

For prizes please feel free to contact me!


Teaching kids how ​to become aware ​Equestrians is my ​passion!

Often times kids start to ride at a very ​young age! Therefore, it’s really important ​to teach them from a very young age how ​to deal with horses and pony’s in a ​respectful and fun way. I personally pay a ​lot of attention to their seat and the way ​they approach horses.


Horses mean the world to me!

Maybe it’s already obvious, but horses mean everything to me! I ​really love riding! Hopefully in the future I get to learn even more ​and excel in the sport as well. Are you looking for somebody to ride ​and train your horse(s) ? Perhaps we could help each other out. I am ​always looking for good horses to represent in the showjumping ​devision. As well as trustworthy partners, who’d love to support the ​horse sport and it’s riders.

What! You rode ​Dressage?

Yep! Haha! Dressage ofcourse is the basis ​of everything. Especially for showjumping ​it’s very important to have a wide array of ​dressage skills, in order to train your ​horses properly! I rode up to Young Riders ​dressage, with horses who were originally ​bred to be a showjumper. So, as you can ​see everything is possible! Honestly, I ​really love riding dressage, however the ​people in the dressage world are not really ​my cup of tea. I’d rather stick to the ​showjumping peeps! Haha!

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Aiding you in your equestrian experience!

Waalbroek 50

6369TE, Simpelveld

(The Netherlands)

KVK-Number: 89809556

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